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Right from the start, Jack Barclay believed in the importance of 'service after sale' so it was natural for the company he founded to become world-famous for parts and service as well as car sales.

Today, Jack Barclay is the world’s largest supplier and stockist of parts for Bentley cars built from 1933 to the present day. We are also the only authorised distributor of genuine parts for Rolls-Royce motor cars built in Crewe up to 2002.


从创立之初起,Jack Barclay便坚信售后服务的重要性,因此,由他创立的公司以零部件、服务与汽车经销而闻名全球也就不足为奇了。

如今,Jack Barclay是全球最大的宾利轿车供应商和零部件零售商,覆盖从1933年出厂至今的所有车型。我们同时是2002年前从克鲁出厂的劳斯莱斯汽车原装配件的唯一授权经销商。.

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